Clery Student Off-Campus Trip Policy


WMU participates in federal Title IV student financial assistance programs. All postsecondary institutions receiving Title IV funding must comply with the Higher Education Act. The HEA requires disclosure of campus crime statistics and security information. The 1998 amendments renamed the law the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act in memory of a student who was slain in her dorm room in 1986. It is generally referred to as the Clery Act and is in section 485(f) of the HEA.

The Department of Education can issue civil fines of up to $57,317 per violation for a substantial misrepresentation of the number, location or nature of the crimes required to be reported or for a violation of any other provision of the safety- and security-related HEA regulations.


One of the Clery requirements involves providing crime statistics associated with off-campus student trips in the Clery Annual Security Report. The completed Clery Student Off-Campus Trip Form has the information needed for WMU Public Safety to request crime statistics from the law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction for the locations used by students for housing or classroom space.


Please complete the online Clery Student Off-Campus Trip Form whenever WMU sponsors student trips to off-campus locations, and there is an overnight stay. The form is online at

All items on the form must be completed. The FAQs discuss the specifics for each step at

Submit the online form within 30 days following the completion of the trip.