WMU Safety Escorts (269-387-7433)

Students, staff and faculty wishing to request a walking escort should call 269-387-7433.

Please be familiar with the guidelines posted below.

Unfortunately, due to severe weather and other factors beyond our control, this service may be cancelled on limited occasions.

Typical Walking Escort hours: 6 p.m. - 2 a.m.

More About the WMU Safety Escort Program

The Safety Escort program is a service designed to enhance your safety and peace of mind while you walk on campus after dark. The primary purpose is to provide escorts to persons walking alone to on-campus destinations such as classrooms, buildings, residence halls and parked cars.

The Safety Escort staff also provide additional eyes and ears for the WMU Police Department by observing the campus environment during the escort hours. All staff groups are equipped with a two-way radio for direct access to the Department of Public Safety's student dispatchers. The staff members are not permitted to become involved in any physical altercations or ongoing emergency events.

Safety Escort employees are carefully screened for employment by the Department of Public Safety. Like all our other employment groups, student employees must have:

  • No criminal history
  • Positive recommendations for employment