Community Police

Crime Prevention

We feel that almost every crime committed on campus is preventable. For this reason, the Department has several officers trained in crime prevention techniques and have devloped a crime prevention program based upon the dual concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities, whenever possible, and encouraging students, faculty, and staff to be responsible for their own security and the security of others.

Crime Prevention Programs

  • Sexual Assault Awareness, Education and Prevention - Criminal sexual conduct law is discussed along with statistics and safety tips.
  • Intruder Response - Discussions focused on handling a violent or potentially violent person in an office, residence or classroom setting.
  • Operation Identification - Engravers are taken to each residence hall to allow residents an opportunity to mark valuable property.
  • Alcohol Awareness - Includes a discussion of alcohol related laws and risk factors.
  • Acquaintance Rape Prevention - Michigan's criminal sexual conduct law is discussed as well as behaviours and situations that may be connected with acquaintance rape. Awareness program for both men and women.
  • Personal Safety - Safety tips are provided for both on and off campus students. Call boxes, emergency phones and student watch programs are explained.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention - A discussion of potentially violent behaviour and the profile of a typical workplace violent offender. Program is aimed at the faculty and staff at WMU.
  • Domestic Violence and Dating Violence Prevention - A discussion of the Michigan laws regarding domestic assault and dating violence with an explanation of the normal police response. Victim's rights and options are also explained.
  • Stalking - A discussion of the Michigan laws regarding dstalking and an explanation of the police response. Victim's rights and options are also explained.
  • Freshmen, Transfer and Parent Orientation - A brief overview of the Department of Public Safety is presented, along with tips on safety, security and parking.
  • International and CELCIS Student Orientation - An overview the department's role on campus and a discussion of safety tips, state laws and local ordinances.

Residence Hall Liaison Officers

Working in conjunction with WMU Residence Life, a select group of residence halls have been assigned community police officers to assist staff with a variety of functions and develop crime prevention programs. The current list of liaisons are:

  • Ackley & Shilling Halls - Officer Aaron McCullough
  • Britton & Hadley Halls - Officer Sara Helmer
  • Eicher & Lefevre Halls - Officer Dylan Vandenberg
  • Eldridge & Fox Halls - Officer Marybeth Gormley
  • Harrison & Stinson Halls - Officer Charles Johnson
  • Garneau & Harvey Halls - Officer Jon Gentry
  • Western Heights West - Officer Aaron McCullough
  • Western Heights East - Officer Travis Cable & K9 Oso
  • Arcadia Flats - Officer Michael Lininger & K9 Brax
  • Western View/ Stadium Drive/ Spindler Apartments - Sgt. Dustin Hubbell & Sgt. Troy Moratti
  • Waldo Library - Officer Grant Allers